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Bible Chronicles - Story #4 - Forty Days of Rain Flood the Earth


Story #4: Forty Days of Rain Flood the Earth p.23.


In the Name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit, ONE God, AMEN.

Dear God, please help us to read and understand your story written here so we can learn to love and appreciate you more each day and share your LOVE and story with others with excitement and joy. AMEN


Study the illustration (picture) for this story.

Notice details in the picture that might give us clues about the story.


• There is a man looking up toward heaven with a smile on his face

• There are pairs of animals coming out of a large boat called an ARK.

• The large boat is on land.

• There is a beautiful rainbow in the sky

• There is blue sky showing through the clouds

• There are birds flying in the sky

READ and ENJOY the Story several times.

• DRAW PICTURES that you saw as you read the story.

• Underline or CIRCLE WORDS in pencil that stood out for you.

• Take NOTES in a notebook to remember what you are learning (to later share with others)

• Take a PHOTO of your notes and drawings and send them to us and others you want to share the wonderful things you are learning in your heart about God.

This is what I am learning about who God is.

1. God was very sad when he saw the evil in the world and people doing things to hurt and kill each other.

2. God is always looking for a way to wash away evil and give the people he loves a new beginning.

3. He chose Noah a good and obedient man and his family to have a new beginning on earth after the flood

4. He chose to save a male and female of every kind of animal so they could be fruitful and multiply after the flood.

5. God responded to Noah’s prayers of gratitude with a promise (COVENANT)

6. He promised Noah and all of us that he would not destroy the earth with a flood and that he would help all creatures be fruitful and multiply.

7. He sealed his promise with a sign of everlasting love and protection from heaven: a rainbow

This is what I learned about people…..

8. Noah was a good man who obediently followed the plan God gave him to build an ark to save his family and animals.

9. Noah was so grateful that God saved him and his family from the flood.

10. He built an altar and offered sacrifices or gifts to God to show his love and gratitude.

I feel closer to God now because …….

11. I know that God loves me and wants to forgive me when I make wrong choices and ask for his forgiveness.

12. I know that God wants to cleanse and protect me from evil.

13. I will always remember God’s promise of love and protection every time I see a rainbow.

14. I know that he hears my prayers when I thank him for saving me and blessing me.

I shared this story with:

Think of someone you love who would be blessed by this story and make a commitment to share this story with them.

THANKING GOD after each story:

Thank you, God, for teaching me so much about your love and your loving plan to save us.

I am so grateful to know that you are always with me ready to protect me from temptation and deliver me from evil….


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