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Updated: Sep 26, 2021



The Farmer Planting HIS Seed in the Soils of our HEARTS


Through His WORD, God lets us ALL know how to be happy, truly blessed and successful in life!

Thank you, Families, for your PLEDGE to continue with our Discovery Bible

Study as FAMILY GROUPS to experience God even more fully in your life!

God is always looking for children and families who want to learn and grow to be all they were created to be and to share God’s love and care with others.


Check In: Go around and have each person answer:

1. What are you thankful for?

2. What are you struggling with or stressed out by lately?

3. Is there something we can do to help? How can we PRAY for you? BE SURE TO PRAY


(unless this is your first week then skip this part.)

Ask someone to retell the story from the last time you met.

How did you do with your last week’s “I WILL” statement?

Who did you tell the story to? (How did they respond?)


MARK 4: 1-20. The Farmer Planting HIS Seed in the SOILS of our HEARTS

Video from BLESSED for the CHILDREN

MARK 4:1-20:

The Farmer Planting Seed in the Soils of our HEARTS.

4 Again Jesus began to teach by the Sea of Galilee. The crowd that gathered around him was very large. So he got into a boat. He sat down in it out on the lake. All the people were along the shore at the water’s edge. 2 He taught them many things using stories. In his teaching he said, 3 “Listen! A farmer went out to plant his seed. 4 He scattered the seed on the ground.

Some fell on a path. Birds came and ate it up.

5 Some seed fell on rocky places, where there wasn’t much soil. The plants came up quickly, because the soil wasn’t deep. 6 When the sun came up, it burned the plants. They dried up because they had no roots.

7 Other seed fell among thorns. The thorns grew up and crowded out the plants. So the plants did not bear grain.

8 Still other seed fell on good soil. It grew up and produced a crop 30, 60, or even 100 times more than the farmer planted.”

9 Then Jesus said, “Whoever has ears should listen.”

10 Later Jesus was alone. The 12 disciples asked him about the stories. So did the others around him. 11 He told them, “The secret of God’s kingdom has been given to you. But to outsiders everything is told using stories. 12 In that way,

“ ‘They will see but never know what they are seeing.

They will hear but never understand.

Otherwise they might turn and be forgiven!’ ” (Isaiah 6:9,10)

13 Then Jesus said to them, “Don’t you understand this story? Then how will you understand any stories of this kind?

14 The seed the farmer plants is God’s message.

15 What is seed scattered on a path like? The message is planted. The people hear the message. Then Satan comes. He takes away the message that was planted in them.

16 And what is seed scattered on rocky places like? The people hear the message. At once they receive it with joy. 17 But they have no roots. So they last only a short time. They quickly fall away from the faith when trouble or suffering comes because of the message.

18 And what is seed scattered among thorns like? The people hear the message. 19 But then the worries of this life come to them. Wealth comes with its false promises. The people also long for other things. All of these are the kinds of things that crowd out the message. They keep it from producing fruit.

20 And what is seed scattered on good soil like? The people hear the message. They accept it. They produce a good crop 30, 60, or even 100 times more than the farmer planted.”

READ and RETELL THE STORY TOGETHER Read through the story two times. Have each person retell the story in his/her own words. (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!! If we can’t tell it, we still don’t “know” it


4. What do we learn about God from this passage?

5. What do we learn about people? Ourselves?

6. What do we feel led by the Lord to apply/obey this week? I WILL……

7. Who are you going tell this story to this week?

Please text your Family Catechesis Coach: Ms. Sue, Ms. Dasiahmarie, Ms. Angeles, Ms. Juana, or Ms. Cynthia when your family group has completed your Weekly Discovery Bible Study so we can celebrate with YOU!



Here is an example of notes taken from a Family Discussion:

1. What are we thankful for?

  • I am thankful for God’s gifts and blessings every day. I am grateful to have a partner in my husband, Don, as we get to know, love, and serve the wonderful children and families near us.

2 What are challenges you are facing?

  • We are praying for God’s help to identify and help more Family Group Leaders to guide their own families into a very close relationship with God so they can learn and grow into all God created them to be…..the “best version of themselves.”

3. How can we help/pray for you?

Prayers for:

  • Please pray that God would warm the hearts of our parents and older siblings to become powerful Family Group leaders who receive God’s LOVE and share the LOVE with their younger siblings, and friends.

4. What do we learn about God from this passage?

  • Jesus told stories called parables that teach us lessons about how to live in God’s Kingdom.

  • God plants seeds of His Faith and LOVE in ALL of our hearts.

5. What do we learn about people? Ourselves?

  • The hard ground of the path are hearts that reject the love God offers us.

  • The gravel or rocky places are hearts that first receive God’s LOVE with joy but turn to other things because the seed had no roots and couldn’t grow.

  • The ground with weeds are hearts that are so filled with the messiness of the world that the fresh WORD of God gets choked out.

  • The rich soil are hearts that are ready through God’s grace (help) to receive God’s WORD and LOVE in a healthy way.


  • Still there are different levels of fruitfulness: 30X, 60X, 90X

  • The degree of fruitfulness depends on how deeply our hearts are united and responding to God’s WILL in our lives.

6. What do we feel led by the Lord to apply/obey this week? I WILL…

  • I WILL every morning I will ask God to prepare my heart to be rich soil to receive with GRATITUDE all that He will offer me today to live with Him in His Kingdom today and forever.

7. Who are you going tell this story to this week?

  • I will share this story with a family we will be meeting at the park today!


We will continue to meet weekly as a FAMILY GROUP and complete the stories of HOPE about Jesus.

Day:____________________. Time:_______Location:________________




10 Stories of HOPE (about JESUS)

___1. Luke 17:11-18 (The ONE Grateful Leper)

___2. Mark 2:1-12 (Jesus Heals/Forgives the Man who Couldn’t Walk)

___3. Mark 4:35-41 (Jesus Calms the Storm)

___4. Matthew 14:22-33. (Peter Walks on the Water)

___5. Luke 19:1-10. (Jesus LOVES Zacchaeus the Tax Collector)

___6. Luke 15:11-32 (The Story of the Faithful Father/The Lost Son)

___7. Luke 18:9-14 (The Pharisee and the Tax Collector)

___8. Mark 5:1-20 (Jesus Heals a Man Controlled by Demons)

___9. Luke 7:36-50 (A Woman Pours Perfume on Jesus)

___10. Mark 4:1-20. (The Story of the Farmer and the Seeds)

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