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November 13/14, 2021

THEME: Jesus said: I am the BREAD OF LIFE


Before the MASS:

1. Eucharist means THANKSGIVING to God for this way of life.

2. We offer our Thanksgiving or Gratitude to God for all His blessings each time we come to the Eucharist or Mass.

3. We show how much we LOVE God with all our heart when we quietly listen and learn all that He teaches us.

4. Read and ponder the prayer on page 1 before the Eucharist or MASS begins. PRAY BEFORE MASS. Think about Jesus saying: WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO FOR YOU?

O good and kind Jesus, I love you! I’m glad that I’m at Mass on this day. I will listen for you in the readings. Just waiting to hear what you say. Yes, Jesus, I know you are coming. With the eyes of my faith, I will see. I will welcome you here with the angels and saints Come into my heart: visit me. AMEN.

5. Remember in your heart how GRATEFUL you are to be a child of God and part of God’s FAMILY.

6. Notice and ponder:

  1. The ALTAR or table where the bread and wine are consecrated.

  2. The San Damiano cross of the RESURRECTED Christ

  3. What Liturgical Color is the Priest wearing?_______

  4. Follow the Order of the Mass p.3

7. Read p.6……Jesus loves us so much, he will always forgive us when we bring our SINS or wrong choices to him.

8. LISTEN carefully to God’s WORD. What special word or words do you hear? e.g.

GOD’s LOVE. BLESS, LORD have Mercy

God: will never leave me alone

9. PONDER and TRACE over the words of Sunday’s Responsorial Psalm:

  1. You are my inheritance O Lord.

  2. Inheritance: something received at the death of a person. Those who trust in God inherit eternal life in His Kingdom through His death and resurrection.

10. Ponder deeply: Jesus said: Heaven and earth will pass away but MY WORD will last forever.

11. Watch carefully as the Priest prepares the bread and the wine and look for: from p.11

  1. Wine pitcher (glass cruet)

  2. Chalice (for wine)

  3. Priest’s Host

  4. Ciborium (holds the consecrated hosts)

12. Remember in your heart how GRATEFUL you are to be a child of God and part of God’s Family.

13. Watch the priest’s hands carefully as he prays over the bread and wine and listen to his prayer. What do you hear? The bread and wine become for us the Body and Blood of Christ

14. Say the OUR FATHER p.17. What part was most meaningful to you today? e. g. Give us this day our daily bread: Jesus is the Bread of Life for our souls.

15. Go up for a blessing and experience the power and love of God’s PRESENCE……Go back to your seat and sit in God’s loving Presence.

16. At the end of the Eucharist, the Priest sends us out to love and serve others. Who is the Lord prompting you to serve?

17. What do you want to share from this amazing experience with God?

18. Who will you share God’s love with this week?

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