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"Growing healthy leaders and community, one family at a time." - SESSION #1B

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

“Growing healthy leaders and community, one family at a time.”



PART B: Pages 36-51

Welcome to our exciting BLESSED journey to learn and grow in CHARACTER through God’s grace (help) to become the-best-version-of ourselves in every moment of every day! These 12 sessions will help us grow in our faith and trust in our living God from the inside out by: 1. listening and praying with God every day, 2. reading and pondering God’s WORD from the BIBLE 3. preparing for the greatest feast day ever: The MASS 4. sharing our faith and trust in God with others in how we treat others every day.

Session 1 will:

  • Teach us that the MASS or EUCHARIST is one of life’s greatest BLESSINGS!·

  • Explain that EVERY day is a new day in our journey with God----and EVERY day God has a message he is trying to share with us.

  • Help us realize that going to Mass on Sunday (even online in this time of sheltering) is a great way to show God we are grateful for ALL our blessings.

Get yourself settled in a quiet place without distractions. Take a moment to quiet yourself so you can hear and receive what God is offering you today in this Session!!!

1. Always begin with the BLESSED PRAYER page 1 (in your workbook)

a. Make the sign of the cross: In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, AMEN

b. Read the BLESSED PRAYER slowly and ponder each word.

2. PRAYER JOURNAL: Write down notes and draw pictures to remember what you hear.

a. Talk to God using the Prayer Process:

1. Gratitude:

Thank God for your blessings: Keep reviewing and adding your Gratitude list

2. Awareness:

Think about yesterday. Talk to God about the times your were and were NOT the

best-version of yourself.

3. Listening:

What is God saying to you today when you ask: What do you think I should do


4. Peace:

Ask God to forgive you for anything you have done wrong and to fill your heart with


5. Change and grow

Talk to God about some way he is inviting you to change and grow.

6. PRAY for the other people in your life by asking God to guide them and watch

over them.

7. Pray the Our Father (See page 119 in BLESSED RECONCILIATION)

a. Write down, Memorize and Ponder ALL week!

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your NAME” b. God is OUR Father; We are ALL in his family as his adopted children.

c. hallowed: set apart and sacred (holy)

d. name: who the person is inside and out

b. Always ask God BEFORE you start the lesson:

1. Please show me one way in this lesson that I can become a better version of


2. Write down what you learned from God by the end of the lesson.

3. VIDEOS: Watch Session 1 videos: Episodes 4-7

4. READ about Episodes 4-7 in Session 1 and enjoy the beautiful artwork!!

a. Episode 4: What Makes Sunday Special (pages 36-39)

b. Episode 5: From the Bible: Creation (pages 40-43

c. Episode 6: Listening to God at Mass (pages 44-45)

d. Episode 7: Closing Prayer (pages 50-51)

5. BIBLE: READING GOD’S WORD the most important book you will ever read

a. GENESIS 1:1 and Genesis 1:26-27

1. Find where GENESIS starts: Table of CONTENTS under OLD


2. Look for Chapter 1 (Big NUMBER) at the top left

3. Find verse 1 (little number) and read and ponder this verse:

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” 4. Find and read verses 26-27. God created us to be like him, loving,

patient, faithful, full of joy and more.

6. PRAYER JOURNAL: some choices:

a. Draw or write a letter to God, telling him how you feel about being created in

His image.

b. Draw a picture of what you might look like as you gradually become all that

God created you to be.


a. Go back to the BLESSED video section and find the online Leader’s Guide.

b. Look for pages 46-47. That is your ANSWER KEY for Session 1!!!!

c. Fill out the answers in your workbook on pages 46-47.

d. Look over all the answers and find one new learning that seems very special

to you, that you want to keep in your heart forever.


a. Everyday is a new day in your journey with God. And everyday, God has a

message he is trying to share with you.

b. Look at the new learning you selected from pages 46-47. This may be God’s

special message to you today.

c. This is good listening practice to “hear” the voice of God throughout the

MASS. We are preparing your heart to receive all God has to offer you!!!

9. CLOSING PRAYER: Read the closing prayer on page 51. This prayer by Zechariah

reminds us to always be grateful for the gift of Jesus in the Eucharist or Mass.


a. Family Catechesis Playlist (click)

b. Blessed Music Playlist (click)

My Little Catechism See pages 193-225

Review #1-14; Read Questions and Answers and Discuss as a Family # 15-30

WE WILL CELEBRATE how much you are learning and growing in your unique and blessed relationship with God every time we ZOOM together!!

EVERY SATURDAY @ 11:00 AM through November 7!

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