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Our BLESSED Summer Adventure SESSION #6: It’s Only the Beginning!

Our BLESSED Summer Adventure

SESSION #6: It’s Only the Beginning!

Pages 177-201

HURRAY! You are now on Session #6 in our BLESSED SUMMER ADVENTURE

Because of our “stay-at-home” guidelines, we will wait until it is safe to schedule your RECONCILIATION session with our priest. It will be a very special moment in your life! When you complete the 6 Sessions and share what you have learned, we will have a VIRTUAL CELEBRATION of your faithfulness in the BLESSED SUMMER ADVENTURE with EACH family!

Session #6 will:

  • teach us that GRATITUDE for God’s blessing fills us with joy.

  • show us how to develop the great habit of DAILY PRAYER that will help us become the BEST version of ourselves.

  • explain that DAILY PRAYER helps us hear God’s voice and gives us COURAGE to do what He is inviting us to do.

Get yourself settled in a quiet place without distractions. Take a moment to quiet yourself so you can hear and receive what God is offering you today in this Session!!!

1. BLESSED PRAYER on Page 177.

a. Make the sign of the cross: In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, AMEN

b. Read the BLESSED PRAYER slowly and ponder each word:

God our loving Father

Thank you for all the ways you bless me

Help me to be aware that every person,

place, and adventure I experience is an

opportunity to love you more

Fill me with a desire to change and to grow,

and give me the grace to become

the-best-version-of-myself in

every moment of every day. AMEN

2. PRAYER JOURNAL: spiral bound notebook with the BLESSED picture pasted on.

a. REVIEW your learning from Session #5

i. What is something special you will always remember about God from the Story of

the Prodigal Son on pages 162-165?

ii. Why is God the best FRIEND you will ever have? See page 168.

b. ASK GOD a question from your heart:

i. Example: Lord, what do you want me to do today to be the best version of myself?

ii. Example: Who do you want me to pray for today?

3. VIDEOS: Watch Session 6 videos: Episodes 1-7

4. READ each Episode in Session 6 and enjoy the beautiful artwork on each page to inspire you to create your own pictures of what God is teaching you!

a. Episode 1: So Much to Look Forward To (pages 178-179)

b. Episode 2: The Will of God and Happiness (pages180-181)

c. Episode 3: The Prayer Process (pages 182-183)

d. Episode 4: The Power of Great Habits (pages 184-187)

e. Episode 5: From the Bible: Jesus Went to a Quiet Place (pages188-189)

f. Episode 6: Be Grateful (pages 190-191)

g. Episode 7: CLOSING PRAYER: (pages 201-202 )

Listen to A Child’s Prayer:

5. BIBLE: READING GOD’S WORD: Find Mark 1: 35 in your Bible.

a. MARK is the second book in the NEW TESTAMENT toward the end of the Bible. Mark is

one of the four Gospels that tell the story of Jesus’ life on earth.

b. Look for Mark 1 at the top of the pages for the Gospel of MARK

c. Find the BIG 1 which is the Chapter number……

d. Find: the subtitle: Jesus Prays …….

e. Find the LITTLE # 35….that is the verse 35

f. Read MARK 1:35. Think about the words….What is Jesus telling you about the best way

to pray? Write this down in your prayer journal!!

6. SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW: Complete pages 196-197 in your workbook.

(Check your answers in the black and white hand-out: ANSWERS for SESSIONS 1-6 pages 170-171)

7. PRAYER JOURNAL: Make a GRATITUDE list for yourself. See how many items you can list!!!!!! (You can also write it on page 193).

8. ADVANCED: Go through pages 177-201 in Session #6 and HIGH LIGHT what you want to remember to be the best-version-of-yourself and to share with others.

9. JOURNAL WITH JESUS on page 199 with a DIFFERENT prompt: I want to pray with you every day because…….

10. CLOSING PRAYER: Read and Ponder the Prayer of St. Francis on page 201.

Listen to the prayer in song:

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