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STEWARDSHIP of Empowering Leadership

Empowering LEADERSHIP 101

STEWARDSHIP of Empowering Leadership


As we learn and grow as an Empowering Leadership Team, we courageously seek to strengthen areas of our own vulnerability.


A key stewardship question to ask as empowering leaders is:

Who must we give more power to?


This Sunday’s Gospel focuses on John 14


In John 14:12, Jesus told His men that they would do greater works than He had done. How would this be possible?

First, He would send the Holy Spirit to live in each of them. Second, He had already given so much of Himself to equip them. The Law of Empowerment tells us that only secure leaders give their power to others. God prepared the disciples to reproduce their leadership in the lives of others. They were empowered by the Holy Spirit and equipped by the Lord Jesus. Talk about being ready to change the world!

How did Jesus mentor and reproduce His leadership in His disciples? Consider Jesus’ IDEA of how to reproduce leadership in someone else:


  • He verbally taught them. He constantly used daily routines to instruct them in leadership.



  • He modeled truth and let His men observe His life. He provided show-and-tell.



  • He let the disciples participate and apply the truths themselves. They got to practice.



  • He debriefed their shared experience. He assessed their growth and gave them direction.


What insights are you receiving to strengthen your own empowering leadership potential?


Here are a few EMPOWERING LEADERSHIP responses to ponder.  Which response is something you want to mindfully practice daily?

  1. I help create environments in which people can learn or try new things.

  2. I am aware of the influence I have on other people and use it deliberately and carefully.

  3. I actively look for and release the potential in other people.

  4. I help others find people or approaches that could help them grow.

  5. I get excited by the possibility of helping others grow beyond me.

  6. I find ways and opportunities to share with other people what I have learned or created.

  7. When I have taught or shown someone something, I usually follow them up to see how they are going with it.

  8. For me, it is much better to try something new and perhaps fail, than to not attempt it at all. I help create environments in which people can learn or try new things.

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