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The North County Outreach Initiative (NCOI) collaborates with other school and community groups as part of VISTA UNITE a collaborative TEAM of inspired civic, business, non-profit and faith LEADERS who serve in unity to address the real life needs of children and families:  food insecurity, academic learning challenges, socio-emotional developmental challenges, relevant faith and character formation.


Vista - UNITE

March 25th, 2020


Vista Unite is focused on...


Transforming the city of Vista through kindergarteners and their families.  We know that:


  1. If a child can’t read by 3rd grade their chance of graduating from High School decreases dramatically.

  2. If a child misses 18 days of school (10%) or more in Kindergarten there is a 93% chance they won’t read by 3rd grade.

  3. BUT if a child has had 500 books read to them between birth and Christmas break of their kindergarten year 100% of them are literate by 3rd grade. 


At Beaumont and Maryland we are/have...


  1. Providing two events for families of kindergarteners to empower parents/siblings to read with their kindergartener regularly. UNITE provided the meal and childcare so parents could hear from staff and then read with kids and families to help train families.

    • May: For all incoming kindergarteners and their families

    • September: For new kindergarteners and their families

  2. Funding a free book for every kindergartener every month ($1/month).

    • Helping film Kindergarten teachers to provide a video that is emailed/texted out to all parents with info about the book, short training and encouragement.

    • Sending out a survey a week after each book goes out for kids to fill out expressing if       they read the book with a family member. This enables us to track if we are improving.

    • All together it's about a $2,200-$2,500 commitment per school.

  3. Informing families their kids reach kindergarten.

    • We are partnering with the Vista Community Clinic, local pre-schools, non-profits, and churches to hand out posters/flyers/bookmarks to inform and empower families on the importance of reading with your kids from birth to kindergarten.

  4. A goal to build a team for each school composed of at least…

    • One local business leader.

    • One local church leader,

    • One local civic/ school district/ non-profit leader and

    • One Kindergarten teacher from that school.


What is the commitment to be on the Vista Unite Team for the 2020-2021 school year?


Our primary aim is to encourage and empower families to read with their children so they will be reading at grade level by second grade!


  1. Care about kids and empowering families to enjoy reading with their children.

  2. Have a Servant’s heart ready to be flexible and ready to help wherever needed.

  3. Attend quarterly ALL Vista UNITE Team meetings (4 times a year).

    • Dates:

      1. To be determined

      2. To be determined

      3. To be determined

      4. To be determined

  4. Participate on one of the five SCHOOL Teams

    • Attend 2 School Team meetings a quarter (8 times a year, during months when the full UNITE team meeting is not scheduled.)

    • Serve at the two major events in May and in the Fall

    • Network with potential contacts to generate resources to help with this initiative.

  5.  Commit to serving a minimum of 12 months on the School/Vista UNITE TEAM.


What are next steps for 20/21 School Year?


  1. Confirm 5 Schools participating in the Kindergarten Family Literacy Initiative.

  2. Confirm Business/Non-Profit, Community Agency and School Leaders for each Vista UNITE School Team

  3. Identify Key Dates for Family Engagement

  4. Finalize Plan and Acquire Needed Resources

  5. Develop Family Literacy Support Videos

  6. Develop Interview Questions to Assess Initiative Effective

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