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Our BLESSED Summer Adventure


Pages 69-103

The BLESSED-RECONCILIATION Adventure Continues…….

Keep track of your BLESSED points for SPECIAL BLESSINGS at the end of SIX WEEKS!!! You receive 1 point for completing each item #1-10 below. You let your catechist know what you completed as a family each week!!!

1. Read the BLESSED PRAYER EVERY DAY slowly and reflectively together (page 69) Begin with:

“Let’s take a moment in silence to be still and quiet and open ourselves up to whatever God wants to lead us to today. “

Make the sign of the cross: In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, AMEN

God our loving Father

Thank you for all the ways you bless me

Help me to be aware that every person,

Place, and adventure I experience is an

Opportunity to love you more

Fill me with a desire to change and to grow,

and give me the grace to become

the-best-version-of-myself in

every moment of every day. AMEN

2. In your Prayer Journal: draw or write out a blessing from God you experienced each day. What question do you want to ask God to answer?

3. VIDEOS: Watch Session 3 videos: Episodes 1-7

4. READ each Episode in Session 3 a second time slowly: Underline the words or sentences you want to always remember to share with others.

a. Episode 1: The Mess (pages 71-75)

b. Episode 2: Jesus’ Birth and Childhood (pages 76-79)

c. Episode 3: Jesus’ Ministry (pages 80-87)

Look up: The Parable of the Mustard Seed in Your Bible(Matthew 13:31-32)

d. Episode 4: The Cross, Resurrection, and Ascension (pages 88-91)

e. Episode 5: From the Bible: Pentecost (pages 92-93)

f. Episode 6: You and the Church (pages 94-97)

g. Episode 7: CLOSING PRAYER: PRAY St. Augustine’s Prayer Together (page102)


a. Read and Ponder on the Holy Spirit’s gifts to Jesus at HIS baptism: Isaiah 11:2: in your Bible (page 840) or type Isaiah 11:2 (NiRV) into your phone or computer:

b. All of this wisdom and power was given to the disciples on the Day of Pentecost (pages 93-94)

c. The Holy Spirit give us this same wisdom and power at our Baptism.

The wisdom and power from the Holy Spirit grows within us like the mustard seed as we believe and receive all that God offers us to live a happy, holy life serving Him and others!!!

6. PRAYER JOURNAL: Write or draw what God taught you about PENTECOST and the Holy Spirit(Pages 92-93)in your prayer journal

7. SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW: Complete pages 98-99 in your workbook.

(Check your answers with ANSWERS for SESSIONS 1-6)

8. HIGH LIGHT: Find and highlight the right answer in pages 69-103 for each item


9. JOURNAL WITH JESUS with the prompt: I am the best version of myself when I……… on page 101

10. CLOSING PRAYER: Read and Ponder the Prayer of St. Augustine on page 103.

My Little Catechism See pages 206-237

BONUS BLESSED POINTS!!!!!! 1 point for each question and answer read and discussed with your parents and/or a Catechist from the LITTLE CATECHISM: Read questions and answers #24-40 in the LITTLE CATECHISM on pages 209-211, Especially this week: #150 How often should we pray?


KEEP TRACK of your BLESSED POINTS each week.

You will share your progress, blessings, and questions with your Catechist each week by phone or ZOOM when they call you!

WE WILL CELEBRATE how much you are learning and growing in your unique and blessed relationship with God at the END of SIX WEEKS!!!

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