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The Good Shepherd Develops Leaders

Updated: Apr 22

Bishop Robert Barron's Sermon on the Three Qualities of a Good Shepherd

Our Family Catechesis is focused on growing closer to Jesus as our Good Shepherd.

We seek everything in the Name of Jesus. We learn from and imitate the examples he shows us in Scripture.

Jesus love us. He sacrificed his life to save us. He is now by our side every day to teach, strengthen, and free us from anything that would take us away from the life God created for us. He is our Good Shepherd.

Jesus offers us three qualities of leadership to address our needs.

  1. He goes ahead of us to give us a clear vision of what life is like in His Kingdom on earth and heaven.

  2. He is among us when we need him most to comfort and guide us on the path of Life.

  3. He is behind us to reach out to those of us who are wounded and need healing or have lost our way.

Ponder: Which leadership qualities of the Good Shepherd are strengths for you? Which qualities of leadership do your family members need at the moment?

Here is the RESPONSORIAL PSALM for the Good Shepherd Sunday, the 4th Sunday in Easter: Psalm 118.12:

The stone rejected by the builders has become the cornerstone

Ponder: Is Jesus the cornerstone of your life? your family's?

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